Bleeding LCD Repair

Your device’s LCD screen can start “bleeding” suddenly, due to a number of causes. Because the entire surface of your LCD is backlit from behind with a light sources known as CCFL light, the LCD screen blocks out the light that isn’t needed to display the picture on your phone or device. When this screen doesn’t filter light properly, it allows some amount of light to “bleed” through the LCD, causing the distorted picture. In most cases, it causes light spots or stripes on a dark or black background. The fact is, nearly all of the LCD’s suffer at least a tiny amount of backlight bleeding because of the opacity of the LCD panels isn’t enough to block all light, although this isn’t usually detected by the human eye.
Fixing a bleeding LCD screen is a delicate process, and one that the technicians at FixMyPhone are well versed in. The best option is to usually replace the screen, since they are usually either defective, damaged, or installed incorrectly. The best way to fix this bleeding is to get your screen replaced by repair professionals like us.
We specialize in all types of smartphone and tablet repairs, cracked screen repairs, water damage repair, and backlight bleeding repairs. We have lots of experience with all the major brands, including LG, Apple, Samsung, HTC, and more. Because your screen can begin to lose definition at any stage of your device’s life, repairing the screen is always more economical than replacing your entire smartphone. Best of all, having a brand new screen on your device will make it feel brand new, look great, and improve the definition of the images.

We guarantee all of our parts & labor, to give our customers peace of mind. iPhone screen repairs are guaranteed for a year from the date of service, and all other repairs are guaranteed for 6 months. If you have any issues with the device after it was repaired by FixMyPhone, we’ll refund your money or repair your device.
How do we replace bleeding LCD screens?
When you call us, we’ll give you an estimate of the current turnaround time for a repair. When you bring it in to our shop, we’ll take a close look at the device to assess the damage and test its functionality. Once we’ve determined the issue, one of our expert repair technicians will begin work, either re-installing the screen correctly or replacing the screen altogether. We use the highest quality parts straight from the manufacturer or their partners, all of which are guaranteed for at least 6 months. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money 100%

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