Cupertino’s Historical Society

Have you ever wondered about the history of Cupertino, CA? What was the city like before it became the hometown of Apple? Where does the city’s name come from? If you ever need to know anything about the town, the best people to ask are the members of the Cupertino Historical Society.

The Cupertino Historical Society: who they are

The Cupertino Historical Society (CHS) is a membership-only brotherhood that was formed in Cupertino, CA with a single calling: to ensure that the past of the town is kept alive throughout all of the developments that could happen to Cupertino in the years to come. Their motto is to “Create a passion for the past,” and the members of the society follow this credo to the letter.

The CHS is the keeper of all things historical and cultural in Cupertino. They are the vanguards that ensure that the history and culture of the town is kept alive throughout the years. They have information on many of the cultural aspects of the town, and are well-informed in the historical sites and the people who have influenced the development of Cupertino from a small village off of Highway 9. This is all way before the formation of Apple’s headquarters, Steve Jobs, and all of the other hallmarks of the now-famous tech hub and iPhone repair Cupertino.

The CHS was established in 1966, and has been keeping the passion for the past alive since then. They’ve been keeping track of the century-long history of the town every since they were set up, and have been instrumental in the scholarly research of the history not just of Cupertino, but also of its entire region in California. They have been cited in various anthropological and historical books, and have been a great source of information into the past of the great state of California.

Preserving Artifacts

Cupertino has been around for more or less one hundred years. You can bet that in those years, there’s been plenty of history happening within the confines of this small town, especially since the Internet bubble popped. And the Cupertino Historical Society has taken it upon themselves to chronicle all of those one hundred years, and present it to the public in a way that can make them appreciate the rich and varied history of the town even more.

They do this by collecting and preserving artifacts of Cupertino. They currently have more than three thousand artifacts collected from various stages of the town’s history. These artifacts are displayed in the CHS’s museum in the Quinlan Community Center. Depending on the exhibit at the moment, visitors of the museum can browse through artifacts from Cupertino Pre-World War II; during the construction and heyday of the first electric railway throughout the country; and from when the Santa Clara Valley started transforming into what is now currently known as Silicon Valley.
Education of Historical Sites

Aside from collecting artifacts, the Cupertino Historical Society also conducts lectures on the history of the town. They conduct these mainly via the newsletter they publish on a quarterly basis. These newsletters cover a variety of topics depending on the season of publication, and focus on points in the town’s history. For example, the Spring 2016 issue of the CHS Cornerstone—the name of the newsletter—featured the Monta Vista Story of Altos Park.

They are also the go-to people for when you need information about some of the town’s more historical landmarks. The CHS has a primer on some of Cupertino’s historical sites, and it is a wonderful source of bite-sized information about each location. If you need more information about a particular site of interest, then the CHS will be able to assist you in obtaining said information via their library on the town’s history.

Events and Fundraisers
Since the Cupertino Historical Society is mainly a crowd-funded group, people are always encouraged to donate to aid the society’s efforts in preserving history for future generations. Admission into their museum is free, but donations are accepted with gratitude from the board of directors.

The museum is also home to a gift shop that has a variety of memorabilia themed after the history of the town. Interested parties can also choose to help out the CHS by buying some of the items in their gift shop.
The society also has an annual fundraiser barbecue event, usually around the later part of the year. This event serves as the CHS’s main public event for the year, and welcomes both member and non-member attendees.