Steve Jobs – Cupertino, CA’s Son

Everybody loves an icon. And in today’s tech-driven world, nothing can come close to the iconic stature of Apple. Steve Jobs – Cupertino, CA’s Son – has clearly become the symbol of what the entrepreneurial spirit can accomplish especially if it is done in a way so as to cultivate the essence of the community.

Steve Jobs was a philanthropist; albeit sans the glaring displays of his works and accomplishments. He never spoke at the schools he attended nor gave formal discussions to the many students of some of the nation’s best schools in the city. Jobs never gave his alma maters money either. The city does not have a monument, building, or infrastructure named after him even though people all over the world would save their monthly earnings just to visit Apple Inc.’s world headquarters at One Infinite Loop. He was a very enterprising and very innovative genius yet very private and personal.

It was in 1976 that Steve Jobs established Apple, just 21 years after the incorporation of Cupertino, CA as a city in 1955. As such, many of the city’s pioneers consider the development of Apple as a reflection of the development of the city itself. In fact, many experts now agree that Cupertino would have not been on the world map if not for Apple. This is despite the fact that majority of the computer systems that run the City Hall are personal computers, not macs. And there are other tech giants in the city such as Trend Micro, Seagate Technology, Oracle, IBM, and Olivetti, making the city undoubtedly the heart of California’s Silicon Valley.

Here’s a video of Steve presenting to the City Council in 2011 to discuss Apple Computer’s Cupertino, CA campus expansion:

Steve Jobs always believed in the role of the community in the development of the entrepreneurial spirit. This is why, despite the worldwide reach and global image of Apple, Inc., Steve Jobs rarely went beyond 20 miles from the center of his boyhood home. He was more content on developing the individual talents of everyone in Cupertino who has ever shown interest in the value of his vision. He wanted his company to grow together with the community of his childhood. His humble beginnings can be seen from the rather very simple designs that has come to embody the Apple ideal. From Macs to Macbooks to iPhones, iPods, and iPads, Steve Jobs’s design philosophy can be aptly described as reminiscent of his simple days as a lad growing up in the quaint neighborhoods of the city. And it’s no surprise that today, there are several companies providing Cupertino iPhone repair in the city, heavily outweighing the number that repair PCs & other devices.

And Cupertino, despite the loss of its favorite son, continues to grow into the 21st century. Today, as it has in the past, Apple is providing thousands of jobs to the many sons and daughters of native residents. It continues to provide the dreams of many aspiring techno innovators and inventors. As what the mayor said at the time of Steve Jobs’ death, the city is dependent on the success of Apple; hence, the city will work hard to make sure that this success is maintained. In effect, Cupertino is Apple, Inc. and vice versa. And this would not have been possible if not for Steve Jobs – Cupertino, CA’s Son.


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