Water Damage Repair

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Water Damage Repair

Whenever you are dealing with water damage to electronics, you must act immediately to avoid permanent damage to the phone and loss of data. As soon as your phone has been exposed to water, you should:

  • Get it out of the water! You want to minimize the amount of exposure to the delicate electronics in your phone, so take it out of the water as soon as possible
  • Dry it off. Remove any excess water from the outside of the phone using a cloth or paper towel.
  • Turn it off. Exposing your phone to liquid isn’t in an of itself a bad thing; exposing the internal electronics & circuits to water can make them short circuit, which is what causes permanent damage. Once your phone has been exposed to liquid, you want to limit the chances of a short circuit as much as possible. If your phone was off when it fell in the water, leave it off. If it was on, turn it off.
  • Remove interior liquid. Place your device in a bowl of uncooked rice, covering it completely, for at least 24 hours. This will absorb moisture from the inside of the phone and reduce the risk of short-circuiting.
  • Remove your SIM card.

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Because every water damage situation is unique, we cannot guarantee that we can repair the water damage to your phone! Here’s a breakdown of our process:

For all water damage repairs, we charge a non-refundable $19 for a diagnosis, an additional $49 for a partially working phone, OR $69 for a fully functional device. These charges include taxes and the cost of repairing the battery, which is often the biggest expense when a device has been exposed to water.

Why is our pricing set up this way?

Because of the myriad effects that water can have on a phone, charging a flat fee to repair water damage wouldn’t be fair to the customer! If a phone has been completely dried out after being exposed, but minerals and corrosion have formed on the internal electronics, there is a very low (around 5-10%) of your phone working in the long-term. If a phone has short-circuited, one or more of the internal components has been damaged, which can lead to more issues down the road.

How does water actually damage an iPhone?

There are two main issues when water comes in contact with electronics: short circuiting and mineral or corrosion buildup.

Short Circuits

Since water conducts electricity, it can allow electricity to travel along a path that wasn’t originally intended. If electricity was meant to travel from A to B & back to A, a droplet of water can make the current flow from A to A, making the circuit shorted. In complex electronics such as an iPhone or tablet, there are thousands of possible short circuits that can occur on critical components like the logic board, destroying the most important parts.

Mineral and corrosion buildup

Assuming that no short circuits have taken place, you’re not out of the woods yet! If water has come in contact with the critical internal electronic components of your device, like the logic board, mineral buildup & corrosion can occur. Once either of these buildups are present on your device, it’s very unlikely to work in the long-term. You can check for buildups by opening the phone yourself or calling us (on another device!) and asking us to take a look.

How bad is the damage?

There are several water damage sensors on every iPhone, with slightly different locations depending on the generation. There are watermark indicators in the headphone jack, the charging port, SIM card tray, and several internal sensors on the logic board. Once these sensors turn red, it’s clear that they’ve been exposed to moisture.

Our recommendations

Call us and bring in your device so that we can perform in-depth diagnostic tests. If we find that your device has serious water damage, we recommend that you use Apple’s Out of Warranty option to get a new device. If you’ve backed up your device to your computer or the cloud recently, you should be able to restore your data without issue.

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